Chapter 4. Boosting up a Step

In This Chapter

  • Using RegEx to parse strings

  • Using Tokenizer to break strings into tokens

  • Converting numbers to other data types

  • Using Foreach to create improved loops

  • Using Filesystem to access the operating system

The Boost library is vast. It's doubtful that a typical developer will ever use everything that Boost has to offer. Of course, before you can use something, you need to know it exists. Browsing through the help file can reveal classes that you need to add to your toolkit to produce good applications. This chapter helps by taking you on a whirlwind tour of the major Boost categories. Don't expect this chapter to discuss everything — Boost is simply too large for that. If you want to see a list of what Boost has to offer, check out

  • All classes in alphabetical order:

  • Categorized list:


In addition to reviewing the examples in this chapter and looking through the help file, it also pays to browse the Boost directory for examples. For example, if you look at the \Program Files\CodeBlocks\boost_1_39_0\libs\RegEx\example directory, you find three examples of how to use RegEx. Every example directory contains a Jamfile you can use to build the examples using Boost Jam (see the "Using Boost Jam" section of Minibook VI, Chapter 3 for details). If you still haven't found the example you need, check online for more examples — Boost is extremely popular. Even Microsoft ...

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