A Brief History of Qt

The Qt framework first became publicly available in May 1995. It was initially developed by Haavard Nord (Trolltech’s CEO) and Eirik Chambe-Eng (Trolltech’s president). Haavard and Eirik met at the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim, where they both graduated with master’s degrees in computer science.

Haavard’s interest in C++ GUI development began in 1988 when he was commissioned by a Swedish company to develop a C++ GUI framework. A couple of years later, in the summer of 1990, Haavard and Eirik were working together on a C++ database application for ultrasound images. The system needed to be able to run with a GUI on Unix, Macintosh, and Windows. One day that summer, Haavard and Eirik went outside to enjoy the ...

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