1.16 Keeping Up to Date with Information Technologies

Figure 1.35 lists key technical and business publications that will help you stay up-to-date with the latest news, trends and technology. You can also find a growing list of Internet-and web-related Resource Centers at www.deitel.com/ResourceCenters.html.

Fig. 1.35 Technical and business publications.

Publication URL
AllThingsD allthingsd.com
Bloomberg BusinessWeek www.businessweek.com
CNET news.cnet.com
Communications of the ACM cacm.acm.org
Computerworld www.computerworld.com
Engadget www.engadget.com
eWeek www.eweek.com
Fast Company www.fastcompany.com
Fortune fortune.com
GigaOM gigaom.com
Hacker News news.ycombinator.com
IEEE Computer Magazine www.computer.org/ ...

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