1. E.4 Write a program that defines a macro with one argument to compute the volume of a sphere. The program should compute the volume for spheres of radii from 1 to 10 and print the results in tabular format. The formula for the volume of a sphere is

    ( 4.0 / 3 ) * π * r3

    where π is 3.14159.

  2. E.5 Write a program that produces the following output:

    The sum of x and y is 13

    The program should define macro SUM with two arguments, x and y, and use SUM to produce the output.

  3. E.6 Write a program that uses macro MINIMUM2 to determine the smaller of two numeric values. Input the values from the keyboard.

  4. E.7 Write a program that uses macro MINIMUM3 to determine the smallest of three numeric values. Macro MINIMUM3 should use macro ...

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