reverse_iterator class template — Iterator wrapper to reverse direction


template <typename Iterator>
class reverse_iterator : public iterator<
  typename iterator_traits<Iterator>::iterator_category,
  typename iterator_traits<Iterator>::value_type,
  typename iterator_traits<Iterator>::difference_type,
  typename iterator_traits<Iterator>::pointer,
  typename iterator_traits<Iterator>::reference>
  Iterator current;
  typedef Iterator iterator_type;
  typedef typename iterator_traits<Iterator>::difference_type
  typedef typename iterator_traits<Iterator>::reference reference;
  typedef typename iterator_traits<Iterator>::pointer pointer;
  reverse_iterator(  );
  explicit reverse_iterator(Iterator x);
  template <typename U>
  reverse_iterator(const reverse_iterator<U>& u);
  Iterator base(  ) const;  // Explicit
  reference operator*(  ) const;
  pointer operator->(  ) const;
  reverse_iterator& operator++(  );
  reverse_iterator operator++(int);
  reverse_iterator& operator--(  );
  reverse_iterator operator--(int);
  reverse_iterator operator+(difference_type n) const;
  reverse_iterator& operator+=(difference_type n);
  reverse_iterator operator-(difference_type n) const;
  reverse_iterator& operator-=(difference_type n);
  reference operator[](difference_type n) const;

The reverse_iterator class template is an adapter for a bidirectional or random access iterator to iterate the sequence in the opposite direction of the adapted iterator. In other words, if the adapted iterator advances ...

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