Chapter 11. Query expressions and LINQ to Objects

This chapter covers

  • Streaming sequences of data

  • Deferred execution

  • Standard query operators

  • Query expression translation

  • Range variables and transparent identifiers

  • Projecting, filtering, and sorting

  • Joining and grouping

You may well be tired of all the hyperbole around LINQ by now. We’ve seen some examples in chapters 1 and 3, and you’ve almost certainly read some examples and articles on the Web. This is where we separate myth from reality:

  • LINQ isn’t going to turn the most complicated query into a one-liner.

  • LINQ isn’t going to mean you never need to look at raw SQL again.

  • LINQ isn’t going to magically imbue you with architectural genius.

Given all that, LINQ is still going to change how most of us think ...

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