Chapter 15

Answers to Chapter 15 Review Questions

1: What is the full name of the class defined inside these two namespaces?
namespace BliposSoft
    namespace RocketSimulation
        class Rocket
A1: BliposSoft.RocketSimulation.Rocket
2: A programmer in an uncontrolled moment of vanity gave the following name to a class:

The claim in the name is true, so you need to use this class extensively in your program, but you don't want to write the long name. How can this be avoided?

A2: You can create a shorter alias, such as Rocket for ThisIsTheBestRocketClassInTheWholeWideWorldAndTheWholeWideBliposAsWell with the following line:
 using Rocket = ThisIsTheBestRocketClassInTheWholeWideWorldAndTheWhole ...

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