Chapter 16. The C Preprocessor and the C Library

You will learn about the following in this chapter:

  • More capabilities of the C preprocessor

  • Function-like macros and conditional compilation

  • Inline functions

  • The C library in general and some of its handy functions in particular

  • Preprocessor Directives:

    #define, #include, #ifdef

    #else, #endif, #ifndef

    #if, #elif, #line, #error, #pragma

  • Functions:

    sqrt(), atan(), atan2()

    exit(), atexit()


    memcpy(), memmove()

    va_start(), va_arg(), va_copy(), va_end()

The C language proper is built on the C keywords, expressions, statements and the rules for using them. The ANSI C standard, however, goes beyond describing just the C language. It also describes how the C preprocessor should perform, establishes which functions ...

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