C++ Programming By Example

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Practical projects to get you up and running with C++17

About This Video

  • Learn C++ programming with exciting projects that bridge the gap between learning and doing
  • Play with C++ as you get hands-on experience with various projects
  • Get up and running with GUI programming concepts as you play with some fun projects using Qt

In Detail

C++ is a flexible and generic language that offers a wide range of benefits with key strengths being software infrastructure and resource-constrained applications. This course is an introductory guide to C++ that will help you learn the language through multiple hands-on examples.

You’ll begin by diving into the C++ basics, syntax, and generic programming features. We’ll then move on to using data structures and algorithms with C++. Next, you’ll delve into the object-oriented features of C++ with another practical example.

Finally, you’ll further enhance your C++ programming skills by creating multiple GUI, desktop applications using Qt5. By the end of this course, you will have gained knowledge of core programming concepts in C++, and how to implement them effectively.

The code files are placed at: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/C-plusplus-Programming-By-Example

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction to C++ and Qt
    1. The Course Overview 00:05:29
    2. Why C++? 00:01:58
    3. Setting Up Your Development Environment 00:03:22
    4. Basic C++ Syntax 00:24:18
    5. Installing Qt5 on Windows 00:04:15
  2. Chapter 2 : Building a Virtual Die with C++
    1. Setting Up Your First C++ Project 00:12:28
    2. Coding a Virtual Die – Generating Random Numbers 00:08:36
    3. Coding a Virtual Die – Displaying the Output 00:10:01
    4. Enhancing the Virtual Die with User Input 00:08:54
  3. Chapter 3 : Data Structures and Algorithms: Building a Sorting Application
    1. Overview of Containers in C++ 00:08:33
    2. A Deeper Dive into std::vector 00:18:56
    3. Overview of STL Algorithms 00:20:03
    4. Use STL Algorithms with Containers 00:08:06
    5. Building a Sorting Application 00:20:21
  4. Chapter 4 : Classes and Structures: Building a Casino Guessing Game
    1. Why Use Classes and Structures? 00:02:05
    2. Overview of Classes and Structures 00:07:58
    3. Differences Between Classes and Structures 00:03:48
    4. Implementing a Casino Guessing Game 00:15:21
  5. Chapter 5 : Building a Library Management System
    1. Planning out an Application 00:06:17
    2. Building a Library Management System 00:15:55
    3. Adding Test Data 00:10:45
    4. Adding Search Functionality 00:11:26
  6. Chapter 6 : Getting Acquainted with Qt
    1. Setting Up Your First GUI Project 00:05:14
    2. Setting Up a Basic GUI with Qt Creator 00:05:36
    3. Running Your First GUI Application 00:01:52
  7. Chapter 7 : Qt Signals and Slots: Building a Text Editor
    1. Setting Up Your Text Editor Project 00:02:50
    2. Creating a Basic GUI in Qt Creator 00:07:14
    3. Reacting to User Interaction with Signals and Slots 00:12:39
    4. Creating Custom Slots 00:07:04
    5. Finishing the Text Editor 00:04:08
  8. Chapter 8 : Building a Painting Application in Qt5
    1. Setting Up Your Painting Application 00:05:10
    2. Understanding Qt5 Widgets 00:04:04
    3. Creating Your Own Qt5 Widget 00:06:32
    4. Reacting to User Input 00:07:40
    5. Painting User Input on Screen 00:15:31
    6. Adding the Ability to Draw Circles 00:17:01
    7. Allow for Shape Resizing 00:12:59

Product information

  • Title: C++ Programming By Example
  • Author(s): Paul Tsouchlos
  • Release date: November 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788395595