Answers To Review Questions

Chapter 1

Section 1.1.4

1. hardware, software

2. input/output devices, memory devices, central processing unit

3. machine code or object code

4. arithmetic, logic

5. control

6. central processing

7. character

8. magnetic tape, magnetic disk

9. application

10. arithmetic and logic unit (ALU), control unit (CU)

11. operating

12. firmware

Section 1.2.4

1. subproblems

2. A lower level module describes a subfunction of the higher level module that invokes it.

3. false

Section 1.3.6

1. An algorithm is a procedure consisting of a number of precisely defined steps for solving a problem.

2. A program is a sequence of unambiguous, executable instructions written in a computer language.

3. Top-down design methodology ...

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