Appendix A. An Introduction to Preprocessor Metaprogramming

A.1 Motivation

Even with the full power of template metaprogramming and the Boost Metaprogramming Library at our disposal, some C++ coding jobs still require a great deal of boilerplate code repetition. We saw one example in Chapter 5, when we implemented tiny_size:

   template <class T0, class T1, class T2>   struct tiny_size     : mpl::int_<3> {};

Aside from the repeated pattern in the parameter list of the primary template above, there are three partial specializations below, which also follow a predictable pattern:

   template <class T0, class T1>   struct tiny_size<T0,T1,none>     : mpl::int_<2> {};   template <class T0>   struct tiny_size<T0,none,none>     : mpl::int_<1> {}; ...

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