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C++ Templates: The Complete Guide

Book Description

Templates are among the most powerful features of C++, but they are too often neglected, misunderstood, and misused. C++ Templates: The Complete Guide provides software architects and engineers with a clear understanding of why, when, and how to use templates to build and maintain cleaner, faster, and smarter software more efficiently.

C++ Templates begins with an insightful tutorial on basic concepts and language features. The remainder of the book serves as a comprehensive reference, focusing first on language details, then on a wide range of coding techniques, and finally on advanced applications for templates. Examples used throughout the book illustrate abstract concepts and demonstrate best practices.

Readers learn

  • The exact behaviors of templates

  • How to avoid the pitfalls associated with templates

  • Idioms and techniques, from the basic to the previously undocumented

  • How to reuse source code without threatening performance or safety

  • How to increase the efficiency of C++ programs

  • How to produce more flexible and maintainable software

  • This practical guide shows programmers how to exploit the full power of the template features in C++.

    The companion Web site at http://www.josuttis.com/tmplbook/ contains sample code and additional updates.