162 4.8 Summary: meeting objectives
Why monitor? Will it identify areas for additional training, enhance
individual skills, and improve quality and productivity?
How will monitoring be done? Will it be remote and/or side-by-side,
will calls be taped, what is being monitored (voice, desktop, or both)?
What is being evaluated? Quality of problem resolution, tone of
voice, ability to capture important detail, questioning techniques,
sales and customer service skills?
Who will be monitoring? Manager, supervisor, trainer, peers?
When will it be done? Random, daily, one call per rep per day?
How will performance be measured? Metrics, scoring, accuracy, objec-
tive versus subjective, cumulative results rather than one-time event
(unless specific coaching is required at that time)?
How will feedback be given? Frequency, what data, one-on-one?
How will personal calls be handled to ensure privacy?
4.8 Summary: meeting objectives
The overall goal of selecting the right individuals for the call center opera-
tion, managing the center efficiently and effectively, and establishing an
extensive, well-planned training program is to meet corporate objectives for
customer service and to support the organization’s overall CRM strategy.
To accomplish these objectives, there are two important requirements,
which apply to every call center operation in every business sector. These
are summarized next.
Meet customer needs
Meet the needs of the customer by following these guidelines:
Fully identify the caller’s need or problem.
Take ownership of the call—if possible, resolve the caller’s need dur-
ing the call itself.
Complete all steps to call resolution before taking another call.
For items that take longer than five minutes but are not a high prior-
ity, handle during a lower call volume period, but before the end of
the day.
4.8 Summary: meeting objectives 163
Chapter 4
Meet business requirements
Satisfy the needs of the business by adhering to these criteria:
Thorough and efficient follow-up after calls
Updating all information
Understanding the goals and mission statement and applying that
understanding to every customer contact
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