5.6 Real estate 185
Chapter 5
The following benefits were achieved:
Maximization of the collection center’s performance at the lowest
An additional $50,000 in revenue each month
Happier customers and better financial performance
Reduction by 27% in the number of agents needed to handle com-
plex inquiries
All incoming calls regarding billing questions directed to the interac-
tive voice response system first
The option for patients to quickly, independently, and confidentially
manage their requests
5.6 Real estate
Company: Oxford Properties Group
Oxford Properties operates an extensive building maintenance organization
that services over 25 million square feet of premium office space across
Good tenant relations is a key to success in the real estate business. The
extent of Oxford’s real estate holdings required its maintenance staff to
respond to building maintenance requests quickly and efficiently. A recent
tenant satisfaction survey indicated there was room for improvement in the
following areas: ease of contact, response times, and satisfaction with prob-
lem resolutions.
To provide the best possible service experience for their tenants, Oxford’s
management team identified three primary objectives:
Eliminate confusion by consolidating three regional centers into a
single, multichannel center
Adopt a service level commitment for the contact center to answer
90% of calls within 10 seconds.
186 5.6 Real estate
Establish a target of having a service person on site within 30 minutes
95% of the time.
To realize these goals—and to ensure that their building maintenance
group was a positive asset that would strengthen tenant loyalty—Oxford
selected Bell Canada’s call center project management resources to assist its
internal team in designing an innovative program, called 310-MAXX, to
manage the 30-minute service mandate on orders coming into its building
maintenance organization.
With the 310-MAXX program, Oxford tenants simply make a service
request call to 310-MAXX from anywhere in Canada or log on to Oxford’s
building maintenance Website. To turn their vision into reality, Oxford
Properties also partnered with Bell Contact Centre Solutions to assist in the
start-up and management of the contact center.
The first phase focused on preparing the new, centralized, multichannel
facility to handle the increased traffic. This included adding or upgrading
the following elements:
Megalink Access Services
310 service
In-house cabling
A Symposium server and Symposium set installation
It also involved providing extensive professional services to help with the
hiring of CSRs and supervisors, initial CSR training, metrics to measure
and manage advances in the center, change management to involve contact
center staff in implementing “best practices.” This major corporate effort
was supported by having all of the key ingredients in place, including top-
down sponsorship from the president and CEO, a dedicated team of over
45 people who implemented the changes, the involvement of every tele-
phone agent, and training to close any gaps in knowledge and skills.
The modified call center and enhanced communication resources were up
and running in seven weeks and provided the following benefits:
Customers can now submit service requests directly, 24 hours a day,
via phone or Web and can track the status of their service request on-
line or by calling 310-MAXX.
Once the job is complete, customers receive confirmation via e-mail.

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