34 CAMPUS PLACEMENTS: Ensure You Don’t Remain Unplaced
Real-life Case Situation
During his interview with an e-commerce player, Branton.Com,
Chirag was oered a position in Delhi where the company’s
head oce was located. He was aware that the company also has
a branch oce in Kolkata, which is his hometown. Hence, he
expressed his desire to be recruited for the Kolkata oce during
his interview. The panel considered this as a demanding gesture
that they thought was inappropriate at the initial stage of career.
Moreover, the panelists thought that the candidate’s inclination
to be close to hometown may prove to be a hindrance in his com-
mitment to the company. For this reason, Chirag was rejected for
the position in the final round of the selection process.
In such cases, at the time of placements, even if the student is
getting a break into an equally good company, they really feel dis-
satisfied with the outcome of their education. They, sometimes, end
up waiting endlessly for the specific brand they have in mind to come
and select them, and if that doesn’t happen, they are on the verge
of breaking down. Having aspirations and dreaming about fulfilling
them may not be entirely wrong, but fixating on one brand in mind
and not being open to other brands, industries, or roles is something
that we all should avoid.
F. Location
Location preference of candidates is one of the biggest nightmares
for any hiring manager of a company. HR professionals sometimes
have vacancies at specific locations which require a specialized skill
set to be able to execute that role. Hence, they recruit candidates pos-
sessing skill sets suitable for that specific location as their joining des-
ignation in their mind. The candidate, on the other hand, may have a
preference for some other location. In such cases, the employee after
joining chases the HR to transfer to his or her preferred location mak-
ing the HR finding it dicult to give into this demand since the job
skills may be relevant to a job available at that location only. If the HR
still refuses, he or she can expect a resignation from the person within
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Expectation Management 35
the shortest possible period. To avoid this mess, an HR becomes cau-
tious even at the hint of a location preference, that too at the start of
a professional career.
To cite an example, many companies face the challenge of hiring
and retaining talent from the north for their oces based in south.
The reason is that the resource may get lured by an initial jump in
package and designation or any other professional reason, but after a
few months, they start looking out for opportunities that are closer to
their preferred locations. The reasons for a preferred location could
be varied, some of the common ones are:
a. Native Place: Candidates belonging to a particular region tend to
remain close to their native places for the ease of being available
for family and friends in an hour of need.
b. Metro Cities: Students prefer metro locations because these cit-
ies tend to oer more growth and job opportunities.
c. Industrial Hub: Some cities become a hub of a particular indus-
try; for example, traditionally, IT companies have been situated
in Bangalore, Hyderabad, or Chennai; Finance and Banking,
Financial services and Insurance (BFSI) being concentrated in
Mumbai and so on. Thus, people prefer jobs in cities who have
or are witnessing industrial growth for better career options and
growth opportunities.
The negative impact of these regional preferences has seen some
really unexpected moves from the corporate world. In our professional
journey as educators, we have come across a case, which though can’t
be termed as a norm, but still more or less validates the above point.
Real-life Case Situation
A company, which used to recruit regularly in the past, had
already shared some open vacancies and had conducted the first
two rounds of their selection process. All of a sudden, the pro-
cess went unresponsive, and the entire recruitment process came
to a grinding halt.
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