Personality Development 41
Communication skills, confidence, body lan-
guage, personality, and enthusiasm are some of
the traits that get interviewer’s attention in the
first few minutes during an interview.
–Ramit Tyagi,
Recruitment Head for a Global IT Services
Organization in Noida
While making your decision on the executives, you must have
noticed that even before interacting with a person, we form an opinion
about them based on their appearance and professional etiquette.
Nobody likes to work with a person who is shabbily dressed or one
who carries an unprofessional demeanor irrespective of their knowl-
edge and expertise. Therefore, the first step to create an impression is
through your personality.
Though traits that define the personality of a person are endless, in
this chapter, we would discuss five essential elements of a personality
that are of utmost importance during placements.
A. Communication skills
B. Confidence building
C. Grooming and business etiquette
D. Positive attitude
E. Cross-cultural understanding
A. Communication Skills
Although the importance and relevance of domain knowledge, general
awareness, knowledge about the company and the products, etc. cannot
be compromised with, the key to a person’s success lies in possessing
good communication skills. Therefore, having strong domain knowl-
edge is, of course, essential, but the interviewer also keeps a close watch
on how you speak in the interview. The next real-life case situation high-
lights the significance of eective communication skills in an interview.
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42 CAMPUS PLACEMENTS: Ensure You Don’t Remain Unplaced
Real-life Case Situation
Akhil was shortlisted for an interview for the position of marketing
trainee. When he entered the interview room, the interviewers were
quite impressed with his formal dressing style and professional
demeanor. He greeted everyone in the panel by looking at them, and
when asked to be seated, he quietly settled down. Akhil had a smile
on his face and a relaxed posture. The interviewers’ expectations
were set high with the positive impression that Akhil had created.
An excerpt of the discussion from the interview is given below:
Interviewer: Please tell us something about yourself, Akhil.
Akhil: I am Akhil (stutters and fumbles). I am from
Bulandshahr and come from a family of farmers. My mother
works at home and father in the fields. I studied at Holy
Family Play School and then went to Vision Public School….
ummm….That’s all about me!
Interviewer: Please tell us something more about your quali-
fication and work experience.
Akhil: I don’t have any experience. I have just passed out
from college. I have completed graduation.
According to a report released by Aspiring
Minds, an employability credentialing firm,
over 51 percent engineering graduates are not
employable based on their spoken English
scores. This is a signal that there is a need for
higher emphasis not only on written English,
but spoken English too.
“67% Engineers in India Can Neither ‘Walk’ Nor ‘Talk’ English”, Ascent, The Times of India,
September 9, 2015.
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