68 CAMPUS PLACEMENTS: Ensure You Don’t Remain Unplaced
Some handy tips to develop cross-cultural understanding are as
Respect cultural dierences: Developing awareness of individual
cultures and acknowledging the distinction is the first step towards
respecting cultural dierences. Don’t compare the cultural prac-
tices of other people and avoid being judgmental.
Keep your language simple, avoid slangs and use humor cau-
tiously: Simplicity in language is the key to avoid any communi-
cation breakdown with people across dierent cultures. Any word
or expression that may have a dierent connotation across the cul-
tures needs to be used cautiously. Slangs and humorous expres-
sions have a specific connotation related to its cultural context and,
thus, should be avoided in cross-cultural communication.
Use non-verbal communication eectively to understand the
reaction of other people: Be aware of dierences in personal
space, gestures, postures, facial expressions, colors, focus on
time, silence, and other non-verbal aspects of communication.
Observing non-verbal cues of other people during the discussion
will help you understand their reaction and avoid any communica-
tion pitfalls.
Greet the person according to his (or her) cultural practice; it
helps to build connection: Treating others the way you want to be
treated may not hold relevance in cross-cultural communication.
While interacting with people from dierent cultures, you need
to understand their cultural practices and treat them the way they
want to be treated. To show respect and concern, as far as possible,
adapt your behavior as per the practices of the person with whom
you are interacting.
Thus, your personality plays a major role in defining your career path.
An interesting aspect is that your personality, regardless of what it
is now, can be further developed and evolved. Putting in continuous
eorts to further develop your personality would help in building
strong interpersonal relationships. So, you should strive to develop an
impressive personality and make yourself stand apart from the rest.
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“Your resume says A LOT about you, it
DETERMINES whether you will be called IN for
an interview or not.”
–Sheeren Mitwalli
Sheeren Mitwalli, Advice for Knocking them Dead, September 29, 2013, The Female Network;
Retrieved on May 13, 2016 from http://thefemalenetwork.com/pro_tfn/tfnlive/postView.php?arttyp=0
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