Résumé That Sells ‘You’ Well 75
personality. Tables 3.2 and 3.3 list Maria’s observations and the
impression formed by reviewing both the résumés.
Table 3.2 Analysis of Candidate As Résumé
Observations Impression
Format and
Two sheets of résumé
folded together at the top
without being stapled
Careless and unorganized
Crumpled sheets Casual approach; lack of
interest; and seriousness to
get the job
Very small font size Sender’s lack of concern
about the reader’s
comfort level and lack of
understanding of producing
written documents
Usage of fancy font style Unprofessionalism and
sender’s dearth of knowledge
of professional writing
Typographical errors
(or typos)
Careless approach; poor
communication skills,
and lack of seriousness for
the job
Photocopied résumé Impersonalized touch and
lack of concern for the
No application letter Lack of understanding of the
importance of an application
letter while sending résumés
Listing the word ‘biodata’
at the top
Shows sender’s unfamiliarity
with contemporary style
of résumé writing (Note:
You don’t need to mention
the headings like biodata or
résumé at the top anymore.)
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76 CAMPUS PLACEMENTS: Ensure You Don’t Remain Unplaced
Observations Impression
No mention of the address
and phone number
Again, lack of understanding
of the art of drafting résumé;
unconscientious approach
Casual email ID Shows unprofessionalism
and reflects poorly on the
Personal details like
nationality, date of birth,
gender, and marital status
listed in the heading
Depicts lack of understanding
of résumé writing
Inappropriate objective:
focus on money,
preferences regarding
location and travel
Emphasizes focus on
money; uses ‘I’ approach;
reflects stubborn,
demanding, choosy, and
inadaptable behavior
Vague personal profile
statement that is not
specific enough to carry
any weight or meaning;
highlights irrelevant
experience; emphasis on
personal growth instead of
contribution towards the
Highlighting irrelevant
experience shows poor
writing style; uses ‘I’ instead
of ‘you’ approach
Education and qualifications
inappropriately listed:
entries not stated in reverse
chronological order;
irrelevant and outdated
education details of primary
classes mentioned; lack of
consistency in structure;
details regarding modules
and grades of important
education not added
Exhibits unfamiliarity with
résumé writing
Table 3.2
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Résumé That Sells ‘You’ Well 77
Observations Impression
Inappropriate presentation
of employment and work
history: entries not stated
in reverse chronological
order; typographical
errors; details regarding
company, time period, and
job title not mentioned; job
responsibilities mentioned
Poor written communication;
lack of seriousness and
unfamiliarity with résumé
Résumé not updated for the
last two years
Lack of preparedness and
seriousness to get the job
Mention of irrelevant
hobbies that don’t add any
Unprofessional style of
résumé writing
No mention of the contact
details and aliation of
Unprofessional style of
résumé writing
Mention of salary
Shows rigidity about salary
expectations (might not
be shortlisted if a lesser
compensation package is
considered for the profile)
Table 3.3 Analysis of Candidate B’s Résumé
Table 3.2
Observations Impression
Format and
Good formatting and
use of white space
Well-organized approach,
professional style of writing
leading to excellent readability,
and emphasis on showcasing
Print out on good
quality paper instead
of photocopy
Personalized touch, respect
for the reader, and seriousness
about the job selection process
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78 CAMPUS PLACEMENTS: Ensure You Don’t Remain Unplaced
Observations Impression
Format and
Application letter sent
along with the résumé
Candidate understands the
importance of highlighting
relevant skill set in
application letter to subtly
create curiosity regarding
detailed résumé
Content Header including
contact details
prominently displayed
Candidate understands the
style of résumé writing
Specific, crisp, and
meaningful objective
Exhibits candidate’s clear
and professional style of
writing, and gives precise
understanding of the
career objective
Meaningful personal
profile statement with
‘you’ approach
Professional and technical
skills gained from the
previous jobs as indicated
while listing skill sets
Education and training
details arranged in
reverse chronological
manner and grades or
relevant modules listed
for each qualification
Structured and methodical
Employment history listed
time period, aliation,
and the name of the
company; highlighted the
achievements apart from
job responsibilities
Methodical working
style and familiarity with
résumé writing
Listed hobbies and
interests relevant to the
prospective job profile
Possesses necessary
personality traits required
for the job
References related to
the profile given with
complete contact and
profile details
Strong networking and
people skills
Table 3.3
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