Showcasing the Right Skills in a Group Discussion 121
faculty. If you are not interested in a specific company or profile, it
is better to identify better ways to handle and communicate it to the
placement committee rather than creating an embarrassing situation
which has high stakes involved for all the stakeholders.
‘Ill-performing’ in a GD also poses significant challenges. A group
in which most of the members scream, try to dominate, or show
aggression, or turn the discussion into a fish market hardly has any-
thing substantive to oer to the evaluators. In such a scenario, many
evaluators disqualify the whole group. Thus, the members who are
sincere and who are not able to contribute in such GDs because of
all the chaos stand to lose in this situation. This sort of GDs may
also force the evaluators to pose stricter measures for the remaining
groups. Thus, in the best interest of the institute and all the students,
it is important to maintain appropriate decorum in the GD and exhibit
professional behavior.
Participating eectively in a GD is an art that needs to be prac-
ticed and mastered gradually. It does not happen overnight. If you
do not make it after your first GD, instead of getting disheartened,
you should learn from your experience and ensure not to repeat the
previous mistakes.
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A job interview is not a test of your knowledge,
but your ability to use it at the right time.”
I am very good at multitasking...I can
manage more than 10 chat windows at a
time along with a phone call.
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