How to Crack a Job Interview Successfully? 141
Some of the tips that can be helpful in case of telephonic
interview are as follows:
Decide the time of the interview in advance so that you can be
prepared with all the documents and are ready to receive the call.
Ensure there is no distraction or external noise around.
Smile because it gets communicated over the phone.
Speak clearly and slowly, stay upbeat, and use positive language.
Listen to the question patiently, and then answer without
If you do not understand the question, you may politely ask the
speaker to repeat. You may also rephrase to confirm the question.
Refer to your web portfolio or blog or LinkedIn profile, if
Some of the tips that can be helpful in case of video inter-
views are as follows:
Test all the equipment before the interview to avoid any last
minute glitch.
Minimize distractions like mobile ringtones, door bells, or
any other noise from people around you.
Keep all the documents readily available with you.
Be sure to look at the camera while speaking and at the screen
when not speaking.
Take care of the background; it should look presentable.
Avoid bright colors and stripes that may not be appealing on
Frequently Asked Questions and
Techniques to Answer
Interestingly, every interview is a unique experience, and there is no
simple mathematical formulae to crack it. Two candidates with similar
academic performance and work experience despite giving the same
answers are likely to get dierent outcome based on the way they
exhibit their skills through body language, attitude, professional eti-
quette, communication skills, willingness to learn, adaptability, prob-
lem-solving approach, focused approach etc. Therefore, your responses
are a reflection of your personality and convey volumes about you.
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142 CAMPUS PLACEMENTS: Ensure You Don’t Remain Unplaced
Some of the questions that are frequently asked in the interviews
along with suggested techniques to handle them eectively are
discussed here.
1. “Tell me something about yourself. Or “Take us through
your profile.
This seems to be the simplest as well as the most challenging
question. It is the simplest question because it is all about you;
so, you can easily talk about it. It is challenging at the same time
because it gets dicult to filter the information that needs to be
shared at this stage and in the appropriate structure to get the right
emphasis. To understand the common mistakes committed by
students in handling this question, let’s refer to the real-life case
situation discussed in the Chapter 2: Personality Development
under the section Communication Skills.
The response to this question helps us understand what a
candidate thinks of him- or herself. It is also a good way
of judging them on their confidence, communication
skills, thought process, and their selling skills. Details
regarding family background give a good sense of their
background and help in evaluating a lot of things.
–Saurabh Kalra,
Director – Human Resources of a
Travel Portal Company
Before deliberating on the techniques to handle this
question, let’s understand the interviewer’s perspective while
asking this question. In an attempt to help you settle down
comfortably and to get the discussion started the interviewer
asks this question. The first impression formed during this
interaction makes or breaks the discussion and sets the tone
for the interview.
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