184 CAMPUS PLACEMENTS: Ensure You Don’t Remain Unplaced
having huge cash reserves and now entering into plastic furni-
ture. Also, these companies had poor work culture as compared
to his target company. Many of them wanted him to commit to a
six-day week and seven days in the last week of every month as
closing exercise. Nearly all the locations were remote areas with
little access to some of the bare essential items.
The package being oered looked decent for a Tier-B city but
left little for him to aord a first-class train fare, leave alone a flight
ticket as planned earlier. Not being able to aord a flight meant a
train journey that would take 18–24 hours one side, which meant
he needed, at least, three days to see his girlfriend for a few hours.
Even if he could aord a flight, the nearest airport to this Tier-B
city would neutralize any meaningful saving of time.
None of the companies had a relocation policy; only one had a
provision of a two-star company-owned guesthouse being used as
a lodge by the transiting sales representatives. One of the compa-
nies oered a joining bonus but subject to a three-year bond, fail-
ing to complete that meant the entire sum being adjusted against
the full and final settlement and a possible recovery if needed.
Lalit was very upset at the outcome of events. And in the end,
he realized that a little carefulness while indicating his choices
would, at least, not have made his situation worse. He could still
have had the comfort of choosing a decent lifestyle and career
despite losing his dream role, only if he had adopted a planned
approach to his alternative career plans.
We would conclude the discussion with the suggestion that a
thoughtful and planned approach to planning your career not only
helps in getting the job in your preferred role and industry but also
ensures a safe landing in case the plan goes wayward.
Fudging the Interview: A Big Gamble
Fudging an interview, as discussed in the previous chapter, is a process
where students have some other plans in mind, and, thus, they underper-
form or use tactics to get rejected by the recruiter. Fudging a recruiting
process is unethical and needs to be avoided under all circumstances.
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