Turning to the Web for Candlestick Charting Resources

Like so many other areas of life, trading and technical analysis have been greatly impacted by the Internet over the past few years. You can visit multiple Web sites where you can get low-cost or even free financial information, and, of course, candlestick charts are included. A quick Internet search on candlestick charts produces more results than you’ll know what to do with.

In this section, I cover a handful of the best Web sites you can use to view candlestick charts, showing you how to create charts on these sites and pointing out other various features you can find there. Each of the sites mentioned are excellent for obtaining free charts but also have a plethora of other information you can use to help you make better trading and investing decisions.

Using Yahoo! Finance for charting, trading, and investing

If you’re looking for a free, user-friendly Web site that’s packed with useful information, steer your Internet browser to the finance section of Yahoo! This dynamic site offers many features that greatly enhance your charting experience, including the ability to download free data that you can manipulate however you want. And just like all good charting packages, Yahoo! makes candlestick charting available to all users.

In addition to charts, Yahoo! Finance offers a variety of information on stocks and markets ...

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