Quick Tour

In This Chapter

  • Taking the first pictures

  • Setup basics for the EOS 30D

  • Basic Zone shooting

  • Creative Zone shooting

  • Setting the ISO

  • Setting the white balance

  • Setting the autofocus point

  • Setting the color space

  • Setting the drive mode

  • Setting the metering mode

  • Setting the Picture Style

Welcome to the world of digital photography with the Canon EOS 30D SLR camera. The EOS 30D is a gateway into a creative world of visual fun, excitement, and professional-quality images. This section of the book is designed to give you a quick overview of camera setup and functions so that you can begin shooting right away.

Because the EOS 30D is designed to serve both the advanced amateur and the professional, the camera's versatility and ease of use make it a great choice for both traditional and creative genres of photography. Not only do you have the advantage of instant results, but also you have a powerful tool that serves you well in a variety of venues. The control you have during and after capture is gratifying, giving you more time to shoot while spending less time processing and tweaking images.

By now, you've probably already attached the lens, charged the battery, and inserted the media card, so you need a quick tour of setup controls and camera functions. This Quick Tour helps you double-check any setup that you've already done, points out areas that you may not know about, and guides you through getting images onto the computer.

Taking the First Pictures

After you've charged and inserted the ...

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