Chapter 2. Working with the Canon EOS 40D

In This Chapter

  • Understanding and using autofocus

  • Selecting a metering mode

  • Evaluating exposure

  • Modifying exposure

  • About ISO settings

  • Selecting a drive mode

  • Viewing and playing back images

  • Erasing images

  • Protecting images

  • Displaying images on a TV

  • Restoring the camera's default settings

  • Cleaning the image sensor

In this chapter, you get an overview in using the 40D on a daily basis—the most commonly used modes and functions such as autofocus, metering, exposure and exposure modifications, as well as evaluating images after capture from the core of everyday shooting tasks. This chapter not only explains how to set the camera controls, but it also provides insights into using the settings and getting the best results.

As explained in Chapter 1, mode selections are automatically made if you choose to shoot in a Basic Zone mode such as Portrait, Sports, Landscape, and so on. So to get the most from the autofocus, metering, and drive modes, it's best to use a Creative Zone mode such as Tv, Av, and so on.

Understanding and Using Autofocus

The speed and accuracy of focusing and the ease of manually selecting an Autofocus (AF) point are as critical to shooting as having a good onboard metering system. The 40D's overall autofocus performance is excellent, and the AF-point selection method is customizable. Getting tack-sharp focus, of course, depends on three factors: the resolving power of the lens (its ability to render fine details sharply), the resolution of ...

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