Chapter 4. Customizing the EOS 40D

In This Chapter

  • Learning about Custom Functions

  • Registering Camera User Settings

  • Customizing My Menu

One of the first things most photographers do when setting up a new camera is to customize it for their personal shooting preferences. The EOS 40D offers rich options for customizing the operation of controls and buttons and the shooting functionality, both for everyday shooting and for shooting specific venues.

The 40D offers three helpful features to customize the use and operation of the camera.

  • Custom Functions. These allow you to customize everything from how you select an autofocus point to increasing the chance of holding highlight detail in bright highlights. Grouping certain Custom Functions is a good way to set up the camera for both general and venue-specific shooting scenarios. Two examples of grouping are provided as a springboard for using Custom Functions together.

  • Register Camera User Settings. Otherwise known as the C1, C2, and C3 modes on the Mode dial, these modes enable you to save your favorite camera settings, including Custom Function settings, and quickly return to them by selecting the C mode to which you saved them.

  • My Menu. This is a feature where you can place six of your most often used menu items in priority order on a single menu.

Without question, these customization features used separately and in combination provide a great way to spend less time tweaking camera settings and more time shooting.

Learning about Custom Functions ...

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