Chapter 9. In the Field with the EOS 40D

In This Chapter

  • Action and sports photography

  • Architectural and interior photography

  • Business photography

  • Editorial photography

  • Macro photography

  • Nature and landscape photography

  • Night and low-light photography

  • Pet and wildlife photography

  • Portrait photography

  • Stock photography

  • Travel photography

  • Wedding photography

In this chapter, we explore a wide variety of photography specialty areas with images that show EOS 40D performance in the field with each subject. In addition to the examples, I offer shooting notes based on my experience with the camera, as well as alternate shooting methods, and ideas that I hope will inspire you in thinking about photographing these subjects. After writing and shooting this chapter, I was even more impressed with the overall versatility and performance of the 40D than when I first began shooting with it. Whether you shoot all or only some of these subjects, I think that you'll gain a full appreciation of the speed and image quality that the 40D delivers.

Action and Sports Photography

Anyone who shoots action and sports events knows that a fast camera is essential for capturing the energy and critical moments of the action. With a burst rate of approximately 75 JPEG and 17 RAW frames in High-Speed Continuous Drive mode combined with smart buffering, the 40D delivers beautifully for action shooting. The focal length multiplication factor of 1.6x brings the action in close with telephoto lenses. For example, using the Canon ...

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