Welcome to the Canon EOS 40D Digital Field Guide. With the introduction of the 40D, Canon combined the best of its recent technologies into an affordable, digital SLR that is fast, reliable, and produces stunning image quality. This book is designed to help you master using the camera and to help you get the best images possible from it. From my experience with the camera, I can safely say that this camera is an amazingly capable tool to help you express your creative vision, whether your passion is action photography, nature and landscape, documentary, news, wedding photography, or portraiture.

The 40D features the best of Canon's latest technology that gives this camera super fast response and performance, and a suite of features that has never been offered before in an EOS digital camera in this price range until now. The camera is approachable with a small and lightweight footprint, and it features Live View shooting for new creative opportunities and with the option for silent shooting, unprecedented customizability, 14-bit conversion for fine gradation and more colors, highlight tone priority, a new and improved autofocus sensor, in-camera Canon EX Speedlite control, large-text, intuitive, full-feature menus, a personalized menu, three fully customizable Camera User Settings modes, a huge, bright, wide-angle view LCD, and automatic image-sensor cleaning with the option of recording and applying Dust-Delete Data after image capture in Canon's Digital Photo Professional ...

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