Chapter 4. Getting Great Color

In This Chapter

Working with color

Working with Picture Styles

Using the Picture Style Editor

Not many years ago, the typical gear bag was packed with rolls of color film, each with a single ISO speed, and each balanced for a specific type of light whether daylight or tungsten. And with the film, there were filters to color-correct film in case you weren't shooting in the light that the film was designed for.

That was then. Today, all you need is the EOS 50D. Period. By comparison, there's giddy freedom knowing that whatever the light in the scene, the 50D can handle it and deliver stunning color. That's not to say that stunning color always comes with no effort from the photographer. But with a few adjustments, you can fine-tune color for any scene, regardless of light, and get accurate and visually pleasing color from the EOS 50D.

This chapter explores controlling color on the 50D and how to get excellent color in any shooting situation.

Working with Color

The 50D has three features that affect image color: color space, White Balance, and Picture Style. To set the stage for working with these color controls on the camera, here is a brief conceptual model for thinking about each one and the general effect it has.

  • In broad terms, a color space determines the breadth of colors that can be captured in images. Some color spaces encompass a lot of colors, and others encompass fewer colors. Choosing a color space also factors into the overall image workflow because ...

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