Chapter 5. Customizing the EOS 50D

In This Chapter

Exploring Custom Functions

Registering Camera User Settings

Customizing My Menu

Photographers can often overlook the added efficiency and shooting pleasure that customizing the 50D offers. You can tailor the camera to your specific shooting preferences as well as tailor it to individual scenes and subjects. The 50D offers three major categories of customization. Here's a bird's eye view of the three:

  • Custom Functions enable you to change camera controls and behavior as well as to set up the camera for both general and venue-specific shooting situations.

  • C modes, or, as Canon calls them, Camera User Settings, enable you to set up virtually everything on the camera and then save all the settings as C1 or C2 shooting mode. The advantage is that after you register your settings for everyday shooting or a specific shooting scenario, you can just switch to C1 or C2 on the Mode dial and the camera is instantly set up for shooting.

  • My Menu is a menu tab where you can place your six most frequently used menu items for quick access.

I can tell you from personal experience that all three features will save you time and offer shooting advantages that are well worth the time it takes to make the adjustments.

Exploring Custom Functions

The major advantage of Custom Functions is that they enable you to customize camera controls and operation to suit your shooting style; and, as a result, they save you time and make shooting more enjoyable. For example, ...

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