Welcome to the Canon EOS 50D Digital Field Guide. With the EOS 50D, Canon combined speed and responsiveness with high resolution and a full complement of features — all in a lightweight and fun-to-use camera. Whether this is your first digital SLR or you're an experienced photographer, this book is written to help you get the most from the camera. From personal experience, I know that the 50D is a fine tool that will help you realize and express your creative vision.

Achieving your creative vision with the 50D involves not only mastering the buttons, dials, and menus, but also learning what to expect from the camera as you work with it in the field, and, of course, your own skilled eye and creativity. It is in the field where you come to appreciate the camera's broad range of features, timesaving custom options, full creative control, and, of course, the data-rich images that the 50D delivers.

This book is designed to help you learn the basics and to go deeper into the camera so that you can take advantage of its full potential. If you're new to digital SLR's, then I suggest that you read at a high level, using the techniques that are described while saving the in-depth explanations for later. As you gain experience, then you can come back to the more detailed sections to understand more about the camera and photography itself. And if you're a more experienced photographer, I hope that the book will answer questions you may have, reveal new and creative ways to use the ...

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