Chapter 2. Color and Picture Styles

In This Chapter

  • About color spaces

  • Choosing a color space

  • Understanding and setting the white balance

  • Choosing and customizing a Picture Style

  • Registering a User-defined Picture Style

Never has accurate color been as accessible as it is with digital photography. And as digital technology matures, the options and techniques for ensuring accurate and visually pleasing color become easier and more varied. Color accuracy begins by setting the color space on the 5D that matches your workflow. The process continues by selecting one of Canon's Picture Styles that set the tonal curve, sharpness, color rendering, and saturation of images. You can choose among a variety of Picture Styles that replicate traditional film looks or render color in different ways.

In terms of color, the white balance options on the EOS 5D also leave little to be desired whether you prefer using the preset white balance settings, setting the color temperature yourself, or setting a custom white balance. In this chapter, I discuss how each option is useful in different shooting scenarios. In addition, you'll learn some widely used techniques for ensuring accurate color.

About Color Spaces

If you are just transitioning from film to digital photography, it's worthwhile to talk about color spaces and how they fit into the overall workflow, from shooting through final output.

A color space defines the range of colors that can be reproduced and the way that a device such as a digital camera, ...

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