The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is a breathtaking camera. It is a full-frame beastie, which means that the sensor behind the lens is the size of a 35mm frame of film. You have to take the lens off the camera and look behind the mirror to see it. It’s impressive.

Behind this full-frame goodness is a whole lot of camera. The 5D Mark III bridges the gap between the less expensive cameras in the Canon lineup and the price-is-no-object upper end. It’s perfect for serious amateurs and working professionals.

This camera offers the range of advanced controls and features that experienced photographers demand (impressive high ISO performance, great top-end shutter speed, a top LCD screen, plenty of autofocus options, customizability, and more) plus an assortment of tools designed to help beginners be successful (great Quick Control screen, Live View, an easy-to-use Scene Intelligent Auto shooting mode, and more). Adding to the fun, this camera continues the Canon commitment to fielding pro cameras that can record high-definition digital movies.

The 5D Mark III is so feature packed, in fact, that sorting out everything can be a challenge, whether you’re new to digital SLR photography or new to this camera. This book is about mastering that challenge. I’ve had terrific fun working with the 5D Mark III to create this book and wish you all the success in the world with it.

About This Book

This book’s purpose is to put the right information in your hands so that you can take advantage ...

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