Chapter 7: Using Movie Mode

The 60D opens a new dimension of creative expression with its high-quality and very versatile video shooting capabilities. The 60D has video shooting with either automatic or manual exposure control. In addition, the camera has a built-in microphone that offers automatic or manual control over the noise of the wind for outdoor shooting. You can shoot in full High-Definition, Standard-definition, or in Movie crop mode with frame rates that you can select based on the recording size.

It is also to your advantage that the 60D’s movie quality is among the best available in the dSLR market. All of this is packaged in a lightweight camera with a vari-angle LCD monitor that gives you a large view of the scene during shooting. Further, the 60D accepts more than 60 lenses to enhance your videos in ways that traditional video cameras cannot. Last but not least, you can capture still images during video shooting.


Whether you are recording the antics of children, pets, or nature, the 60D is an excellent tool for creating High-Definition or Standard-definition movies.

About Video

For many still-image photographers, shooting video is like learning a new visual language. While the language is different, video, like traditional still photography, is a form of creative visual communication. And just like with still shooting, the goal of video shooting is to tell ...

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