Your Canon EOS 6D is the latest and greatest digital camera on the market — with a stunning 20.2-megapixel capture, Live View, high-definition video, and much more. But all this technology can be a bit daunting, especially if this is your first real digital SLR (single-lens reflex). You no longer have modes like Portrait, Sport, Landscape, and so on. You’ve graduated to the big leagues. All you have to do is master the power you hold in your hands.

I’ve been using Canon digital SLRs since the EOS 10D, and I’ve learned a lot about the cameras since then. In addition to the EOS 6D I’m using to write this book, I also own an EOS 5D MKII and EOS 7D, which has a lot of the features found on your EOS 6D. My goal is to show you how to become one with your camera. I don’t get overly technical in this book, even though your camera is very technical. I also do my best to keep it lively. So if you want to master your EOS 6D, you have the right book in your hands.

About This Book

If you find the buttons and menus on your shiny new EOS 6D a tad intimidating, this book is for you. In the chapters of this book, I take you from novice point-and-shoot photographer to one who can utilize all the bells and whistles your camera offers. You’ll find information about every menu and button on your camera, as well as when to use them, and what settings to use for specific picture-taking situations. I also show you how to use the software that ships with your camera.

Foolish Assumptions ...

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