Digital SLR Settings and Shortcuts

Many people graduate to a digital SLR and think it’s the ticket for creating great photos. Well it is, but there’s a bit of technique involved. Part of that is your creativity and the way you see the world around you. You translate the vision that is in your head into an image when you capture it with your digital SLR.

To fully master your digital SLR and create compelling photos, you have to venture forth into a brave new world that involves making decisions about settings that will enable you to capture the images you see in your mind’s eye. This does not happen when you shoot in your camera’s automatic mode. When photographers have the urge to branch out, they turn to the manual for help. And then they get more confused. Which is where this appendix comes in. My goal in writing this appendix is to demystify taking photographs with a digital SLR.

Capturing Sporting Events

Photography is a wonderful pastime. You can use your camera to capture memories of the things that interest you. If you’re a sports fan, you can photograph your favorite sport. You can photograph individual athletes, but sports have more to them than just the athletes. Whether your favorite sport is football or auto racing, each one has its own rituals. And every sport includes a supporting cast. When you photograph a sporting event, you photograph each chapter of the event, from the pre-games festivities, to the opening kick off, to the winning touchdown. Your ...

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