Chapter 7: Using the Live View Shooting Mode

At times, composing still images with the viewfinder can be inconvenient or even impossible, and that’s when Live View shooting mode ( liveviewshoot.eps ) is a good alternative. In Live View mode ( liveviewshoot.eps ), you can use the 3-inch LCD monitor to compose images and magnify the scene up to 10X to ensure tack-sharp focus.

Live View mode ( liveviewshoot.eps ) is a good choice for still life, product, self-portrait, and macro shooting, as well as video applications. As you’re shooting, you can monitor the exposure using the live histogram.

Live View shooting ( liveviewshoot.eps ) has several focusing modes, including Automatic ( afmode.eps ), Manual ( manualfocusing.eps ), and Face Detection Live ( facedetectionlive2.eps ). Once you get used to these modes, you can transfer your knowledge to shooting movies. Overall, Live View shooting (  ) increases the ...

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