Chapter 5: Working with Color and Creative Effects

In the days of film, you bought film based on the light in which you would be shooting. Often, color-correction filters were necessary to further modify the color. Next you had to trust the lab to deliver good color in the prints. All that is, thankfully, history. Now you control how good the color is in images, and the 70D offers a full complement of settings to ensure that images have beautiful color, including white balance and Picture Styles. The more faithful you are in setting the white balance and Picture Style for JPEG shooting, the less time you’ll spend correcting color on the computer. You can also apply filters to create artistic looks for your images.

In this chapter, I cover when and how to use each of these options to get the best color and fine-tune it for any type of light.


Regardless of the type of light in the scene, you can get stunning color by using the white balance settings and Picture Styles. Here, I used the Cloudy white balance setting and Neutral Picture Style. Exposure: ISO 250, f/5.6, 1/80 second.

Working with Color

Without question, you can save yourself a lot of time on the computer simply by getting the color right in the camera. The settings that affect the range of colors captured and the color rendering include the color space, white balance, and Picture Style options when you’re shooting ...

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