Chapter 11. Nature and Landscape Photography

When you combine the rich features of the EOS 7D with your creative vision, you have all you need to make stunning nature and landscape images.

Making pictures is the unconscious blending of the technical and creative aspects of photography so they become a synergistic and fluid process — each complimenting the other. In this chapter, both the technical and creative aspects of shooting with the 7D come into play with different approaches to making exposures.

Nature and Landscape Photography

Nature and Landscape Photography

It is a rare photographer who is not lured to places near and far and in all kinds of weather, simply by the call to capture the stunning beauty of creation. And this area of photography encompasses travel, fine-art landscape, seascapes, flora, fauna, wildlife, and birds, as well as close-ups of the smallest structures in the natural world.

All of these areas share commonality in the wide diversity of light, in the goal of capturing the singular beauty, structure, and rhythm of the scenes and subjects, and in the need to creatively interpret what you see and perceive in new and exciting ways.


Many of the techniques used for nature and landscape photography can also be applied to shooting skyscapes, cityscapes, and, in part, outdoor architectural photography.

Figure 11.1. Stormy weather offers an excellent opportunity to capture dramatic cloud formations ...

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