Automatically Capturing Great Photographs

In This Chapter

arrow Looking at the camera menu

arrow Understanding exposure and focal length

arrow Focusing your camera

arrow Working with flash in Full Auto mode

arrow Starting the self-timer

arrow Triggering the shutter remotely

Your EOS 7D Mark II can do some pretty amazing things. You have lots of control over the camera to get ideal pictures. But if all the control seems a bit daunting when you’re getting to know your new toy, you can let the camera make most of the decisions for you. If you’re thinking point and shoot, yup, that’s what you get when you let the camera take the reins. However, you can still get some great pictures with your EOS 7D Mark II when you take pictures using the Full Auto mode.

If you’re an experienced photographer, breeze through this chapter and you can show someone else how to get great pictures with your high-tech camera — that is, if you ...

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