Using the LCD Monitor

In This Chapter

arrow Displaying your image’s information

arrow Working with the histogram

arrow Previewing, erasing, rotating, and protecting images

arrow Modifying image review time and monitor brightness

arrow Using Quick Control

arrow Viewing images as a slide show and on a TV set

Digital photography is all about instant gratification. You snap a picture, and it appears on your LCD monitor almost instantaneously. This gives you a chance to see whether you captured the image you envisioned, or something not quite to your liking, also know as a dud. But your LCD monitor can do much more than just display your images. You can get all sorts of useful information, such as the shutter speed, aperture, and other pertinent information about the image. You can even display a spiffy graph known as a histogram that shows the distribution of pixels from shadows to highlights.

The information you can display ...

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