Mastering Your EOS 7D Mark II

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing the right settings

arrow Photographing moving objects

arrow Taking photos of landscapes and sunsets

arrow Shooting portraits and wildlife

arrow Enhancing your creativity

arrow Composing and visualizing images

In earlier chapters, I show you all the bells and whistles on your camera that you can use in your photography. Bells and whistles are cool, but if you don’t know when to ring or blow them, they don’t do you much good. In this chapter, I cut to the chase and show you how to use these features for specific types of photography.

Of course, you may not be interested in all the types of photography I discuss in this chapter, but I like to practice several different photography disciplines. I find that different disciplines keep me on my toes and keep my work fresh. Not to mention that they help me get to know my camera better. Try diversifying ...

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