Chapter 6

Downloading, Printing, and Sharing Your Photos


Looking at the Canon photo software

Transferring pictures to your computer

Processing Raw (CR2) files

Getting the best prints from your files

Preparing pictures for online sharing

For many photographers, moving pictures from camera to computer — downloading — is one of the more confusing aspects of the art form. Unfortunately, providing you with detailed downloading instructions is impossible because the steps vary depending on which computer software you use to do the job.

To give you as much help as possible, however, this chapter shows you how to get things done using the Canon software provided with your camera. In addition, this chapter covers a few other after-the-shot tasks, including processing files that you shoot in the Raw (CR2) format, getting the best results when you print your photos, and preparing photos for online sharing. Be sure to also visit Chapter 10 for information about more sharing and printing options available via the camera’s wireless connectivity features.

Installing the Canon Software

Canon provides you with several photo programs, which are available for download from the Canon website ( Just select your country and then enter EOS 80D in the model name prompt on the next page. Click the Drivers & Downloads link and then find the software you want to install for your system. At the time of this writing, Canon recommended downloading the EOS Digital Solution ...

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