Chapter 11

Ten More Ways to Customize Your Camera


Storing your favorite settings as a custom shooting mode (C1 or C2)

Creating your own menu and custom folders

Changing the color space (sRGB versus Adobe RGB)

Assigning new functions to camera buttons

Exploring a host of autofocus tweaks

Have you ever tried to cook dinner in someone else’s house or work from another colleague’s desk? Why is nothing stored in the right place? The coffee cups, for example, should be stowed in the cabinet above the coffee maker, and yet there they are, way across the kitchen, in the cupboard near the fridge. And everyone knows that the highlighter pens belong in the middle top drawer, not the second one on the left. Yeesh.

In the same way, you may find a particular aspect of your camera’s design illogical or maybe a tad inconvenient. If so, check out this chapter, which introduces you to a slew of customization options not considered in earlier chapters.

Creating Your Own Exposure Modes

One of the most useful features for the experienced photographer is the presence of Custom Shooting Mode settings (C1 and C2) on the Mode dial. These options enable you to set up your own exposure modes. You start by selecting and saving all the camera settings you want to use when you switch to C1 or C2 mode. Then when you’re out shooting, you can invoke all those settings simply by setting the Mode dial to C1 or C2, as shown in Figure 11-1.

FIGURE 11-1: You can create your own custom exposure ...

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