Chapter 3

Taking Great Pictures, Automatically


Bullet Shooting your first pictures in Scene Intelligent Auto mode

Bullet Trying out scene modes

Bullet Making small adjustments to color and brightness

Bullet Gaining more control with Creative Auto mode

When you set your camera to a Creative Zone exposure mode (P, Tv, Av, M, B, C1, or C2), you can access a slew of features that enable you to precisely control exposure, color, focus, and more. But if you’re not yet acquainted with those advanced options — or you’re just not interested in “going there” right now — take advantage of Basic Zone exposure modes. In these modes, the camera selects most picture-taking settings for you, providing fully to almost fully automatic photography.

Even in these modes, however, you can get better results by following the techniques outlined in this chapter. In addition to walking you through the steps of taking your first pictures in Scene Intelligent Auto mode, the pages to come contain tips for using Special Scene modes (Portrait, Landscape, and so on), as well as the Creative Assist feature. The one Basic ...

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