While no one can tell you what is exactly right for you, you can evaluate your shooting history and preferences to better determine the photography system components that work for you. While reading over the list of Canon photography system components, you may have the overwhelming urge to buy one or two new lenses or accessories. Just seeing the list is like the ultimate wish list for the great camera store in the sky.

Patience, however, is a virtue, and so is developing a solid plan to help you build a system that's right for you. From personal experience, I can tell you that there are few things more aggravating than having an expensive lens or Speedlite gather dust in a gear bag. I've also learned that the loss on the resale price of gear I didn't really need or use is sobering enough to keep my personal wish list carefully prioritized.


To plan your photography system, think carefully about your areas of interest, and then try to look ahead to future needs and desires. You may be interested in flower macro shots (see 1-11), natural scenes, or portraits (see 1-12). To get you started, here are some general questions to help you create a plan for building your photography system:

  • Is photography your passion, a current or future profession, or a hobby and a way to keep family snapshots current? If you are serious about photography, then the type of gear you buy will be different from the gear you'd buy for family snapshots. ...

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