Appendix A. Downloading Images and Updating Firmware

In This Appendix

  • Downloading with a USB cable

  • Downloading with a card reader

  • Updating the XSi/450D firmware

You can download digital images from the Rebel XSi/450D using the USB cable that is supplied with your camera, or by using an accessory card reader. And once you download the images to the computer, you can use the programs that Canon provides with the camera to view, sort, and edit the images.

One of the advantages of digital photography is that manufacturers periodically offer updates to the Rebel's internal instructions that improve aspects of the camera or resolve minor problems. These internal instructions are called firmware. Canon offers not only firmware updates for the Rebel XSi/450D, but it also offers updates to the software programs such as Digital Photo Professional that come with the camera.

In this appendix, you learn how to download images to your computer and how to update the Rebel firmware when updates are available.

Downloading with a USB Cable

Downloading images using the USB cable supplied with the camera is as simple as connecting the camera and the computer using a USB cable. Because you must turn the camera on during download, ensure that the battery charge is sufficient to complete the download without interruption.

Canon provides programs for downloading and organizing images. Other programs are available for these tasks, but for this appendix, I use the Canon programs in the examples.


For details on ...

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