Chapter 4. Using Live View

In This Chapter

  • About Live View

  • Live View features and functions

  • Setting Up for Live View

  • Shooting in Live View

The Live View feature on the Rebel XSi/450D offers a variety of advantages. It offers flexibility in framing images, particularly when crouching down to examine the shot through the viewfinder requires unnatural body contortions; it offers a large LCD view that can be magnified up to 10x to ensure tack-sharp automatic or manual focus; and it can be used with the camera connected to a computer with control of the camera offered on the computer using the EOS Utility program.

The Live View shooting function is useful in specific shooting situations, including macro work, when shooting tethered, or where the camera is connected by a cable to a computer, and for still-life shooting. In short, it is most useful in controlled and close-up shooting scenarios.

About Live View

The concept of the camera being able to hold the shutter open to provide a real-time view of the scene and yet pause long enough to focus is impressive in terms of technology for digital SLR cameras. And even more impressive is the quality of the live view that the XSi/450D provides, which is smooth and detailed.

To create this live view, Canon engineered an electronic first-curtain shutter that enables shooting while the mechanical shutter is completely open. To give the detailed view, the camera uses high-speed scanning and an electronic reset system that mimics the high-speed mechanical ...

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