Chapter 2: Setting Up the Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D

You may already know how to use some of the settings on your Canon camera. If you are familiar with dSLRs, you know the camera manufacturers are adding more features every year. This chapter is all about the menus found when you push the Menu button (menuc.eps) on your camera, along with a quick overview of each setting. Generally, each menu has a theme. However, finding what you are looking for can quickly become confusing. Take the time to review all of the Canon Rebel T4i/650D menus and settings. Once you customize your camera and use it for a while, you can refer to this chapter as needed.


The Menu button is on the upper-left side of your camera.

The Shooting Menus

If you use the creative zone modes (Program AE (program.eps), Shutter–priority AE (shutterpriorityae.eps), Aperture–priority AE (aperturepriorityae.eps), and Manual (manualc.eps)), you have three shooting menus available to you. When you use ...

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