Chapter 8: Shooting in the Live View and Movie Modes

Creating videos with your Canon T4i/650D is a convenient and fun way to preserve memories. Perhaps you’ve watched a breathtaking video created by a photographer using a dSLR camera and wondered if you could do the same thing. The video feature in your dSLR delivers many great options for doing just that. Good video, whether created with a traditional video camera or your Canon Rebel T4i/650D, should adhere to the same video production rules. The goal is consistency—it doesn’t matter whether you are shooting a family video or creating the next great documentary—it is important to plan and think ahead, especially if you are going to do any editing. You don’t have the same postproduction options that you do with still photography, so it isn’t as easy to fix problems later. When it comes to video, you need to think differently.


A frame outtake from a video I shot with the Canon Rebel T4i/650D.

Using the Live View Shooting Mode

The Live View shooting mode (liveviewshooting.eps) is helpful when taking still pictures or creating videos. The large 3-inch screen makes it easier to view and follow moving subjects in real time. The Canon Rebel T4i/650D has a 180-degree, vari-angle LCD screen that flips out. This enables you to hold or place the camera at ...

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