Chapter 3: Choosing the Right Settings for Your Camera

This chapter covers the buttons and modes available on your camera. Some options adjust the exposure, focus, drive, and white balance. Your camera has 12 mode options on the dial, and another three are available under Special Scene mode ( specialscene.eps ). The Creative Zone modes are for the more advanced photographer, while the Basic Zone modes were designed for the beginner, or photographers who prefer to point and shoot. Each mode is best for a particular scene or situation, so it is helpful to understand what they do and how they benefit your photographs. Some types of photography look best with a large depth of field, while others require fast shutter speeds. Focus modes help keep your subject in or out of focus. White balance enables you to get the best colors out of a scene. Flash modes help you control the most important element in photography — light.


The right camera settings help you accurately capture the world around you.

The Basic Zone Modes

Portraits, landscapes, and sports photography all require different settings to create the best photograph. Your camera has some excellent modes to help you achieve this. The automatic modes are easily identified by their corresponding icons. Each Basic Zone mode allows you to adjust some ...

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